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Am 15.05.09 war ein Ausflug zur Zoom Erlebniswelt in Gelsenkirchen für alle 5. Klassen angesagt. Die Kinder (und Lehrer!!) hatten viel Spaß und konnten bei Sonnenschein den Zoo erkunden.
Die SchülerInnen der 5A haben dann im Englischunterricht kleine Berichte über ihren Ausflug geschrieben.


5A: Our to trip to „Zoom“

We were in the zoo in Gelsenkirchen. The first continent was Alaska. There were a lot of animals. My favourite animal was the polar bear. He played with a blue ball. Then he jumped into the cold water. Then we visited the simulator. It was great in the simulator. My group went to the playground. After that we were in the next continent: Africa. We wanted to go by boat, but we didn’t do it. We went to the jungle and the monkeys were great.


We went on a trip to “Zoom Erlebniswelt” in Gelsenkirchen. We walked around in small groups and we saw the animals. We took lots of photos. We were in the simulator. It was fun. Mr Dase and Ms Lomp watched us. We saw lots of animals. There were two continents: Africa and Alaska. We were in Sam’s Ghost Mine. Asia is in the making. It is ready at the end of 2010. In the end, we went home.

-Leon and Lars-

The visit to the zoo “Zoom” was very funny. Lots of animals were in the zoo. In Alaska, there were polar bears, owls, and sea lions. A polar bear played with a blue ball on ice. The highlight of Alaska was the simulator. This is an igloo with three screens that show the ocean. We walked around Alaska and took photos. In Alaska there were beavers and bears too.
In Africa there were lots of animals. Lions, zebras, crocodiles, flamingos, giraffes, monkeys, snakes, tigers, and hippos. The highlight of Africa was our tour with the boat. There we swam on a sea between animals. In the end we went to the shop. That was a wonderful adventure!


In Alaska, there was a small town with a simulator. There was an igloo and there were polar bears. It was very funny. The polar bear played with a blue ball. In the continent Alaska, there were a wolf, an owl and some other animals.
In Africa, there were some animals too. Giraffes, lions, birds and hippos. There was a little boat and Pavian City. We took lots of photos.
And there was a shop with little pets, but no real ones. There were toys and bracelets. Zoom was great!

-Lea, Grit und Jule-

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